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APU 2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
APU 2015-2016 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Counseling Psychology, B.A.

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The Counseling Psychology degree is focused on the theory and practical application of psychology in behavioral health, addictions treatment, and other related helping fields.  Students are engaged in understanding and in practicing how to effectively address unmet human services and counseling needs at the individual, family, organizational/work, or community level, as well as becoming prepared to attend a graduate psychology program.  

Foundational Studies (32-40 credits)

  • EC Written Communication** (WRIT 20100) (4)
  • EC Presentation & Media Literacy (from 10000-20000 level COMM) (3-4)
  • CT Critical Thinking (from 10000-20000 level CRIT) (3-4)
  • CT Computation** (MT 10100, BAM 10500, or higher placement) (3-4)
  • CH Intellectual Traditions (from 10000-20000 level PH/HI) (4)
  • CH Creative Endeavors (from 10000-20000 level HUM) (4)
  • CH Intercultural & Spiritual Understandings (from 10000-20000 level RS/CS) (3-4)
  • SI Biological/Physical Scientific Inquiry (from 10000-20000 level SC w/ lab) (4)
  • SI Social/Behavioral Scientific Inquiry (various) (3-4)
  • EE Social Responsibility (LS 10200) (2)
  • EE Personal Responsibility (from 10000-20000 OS/PE or BAM 20400) (1-2)

                  [†  Foundational Studies requirement satisfied by Major Studies]

                  [ **  Minimum grade of ‘C’ (defined as C+, C, C-) must be earned]

Major Studies (55-62 credits)

Minimum Graduation Credit Requirement: 128

Self-Determined Studies (varies)

  • Students are encouraged to expand upon one Counseling Psychology elective areas, develop a concentration, take a minor, or undertake an Eco League exchange to distinguish their programs of study.

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