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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration Department

Undergraduate Information

Alaska Pacific University’s undergraduate business administration degrees are designed to support business and professional careers. These degrees meet the educational needs of students by offering a curriculum rich in active learning. At the undergraduate level the department offers Associate of Arts degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. The department also offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Accounting, Business Administration and Management, and Health Services Administration. The department also offers an Accelerated Business Administration and Mangement, BA/MBA degree. Associate degrees help students develop solid foundation in theories of business as well as a grounding in the liberal arts. The Bachelor degrees build upon either the Associates’ foundations or the previous credits and work experiences of the students. By deepening the knowledge base through more complex coursework in conjunction with the capacity to synthesize and apply that knowledge, students are able to:

  • Develop skill sets necessary to be successful in the work place
  • Enhance/develop leadership skills
  • Understand theoretical foundations that underlie the subject disciplines
  • Promote self direction through independent work
  • Develop/enhance problem solving skills
  • Gain a deeper understanding of ethical responsibilities of the profession(s)
  • Understand the discipline in the context of the larger natural, cultural, social and ethical environments in which they operate

Graduate Information

Alaska Pacific University offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Services Administration (MBA/HSA) or a concentration in Finance. The department also offfers an Executive MBA in Information and Communication Technology (MBAICT) and an Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership (EMBA SL). They also offer a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Entrepreneurship and a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Investments. These options provide the student with the management skills necessary to operate successfully at the executive level in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing, global environment.