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2017-2018 APU Catalog 
2017-2018 APU Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creative & Professional Writing, B.A.

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Reading and writing – masterfully and creatively – are even more important today than ever.  The Creative & Professional Writing major offers students a focused and unequaled educational environment in which to become successful communicators in any career field.

Creative writing embraces many sub-divisions of literary art, from traditional genres such as poetry and fiction to literary nonfiction and playwriting, as well as newer genres such as prose poetry, screen writing, and graphic novels. Within the technical realm, professionalism in writing involves publication know-how, skills in editing, digital content development, and organizational communication.  Appreciation of these forms – both creative and professional— involves aesthetic and intellectual discipline, developing the knowledge and use of language, compositional strategies, and ability to connect with readerships. Through the CRWR program, you are immersed in writing opportunities, giving you the experience of practicing your chosen genre and a workshop environment within which you can explore the dynamics of audience responsiveness to writerly effects. 

The Creative & Professional Writing major allows you to combine learning opportunities from an array of offerings. Your study begins with introductory seminars focusing on ways of knowing, humanities, and social sciences. You then work with an advisor to develop an individualized study plan, choosing from diverse writing-intensive offerings.  As part of your program, you focus on professional writing with a publication workshop and expansion of your skills into an applied area of technical writing.  Nearing completion, you focus primarily on your major writing project(s) and identify practicum experiences or internships to develop real-world networks. Your program culminates in the senior project which combines knowledge gained as well as a portfolio of writing to take forward.

As a graduate, you will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with demonstrated achievement in APU’s Essential Competencies:  Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, Cultural & Historical Perspective, Inquiry and Ethical Engagement.  

Foundational Studies (32-40)

  • EC Written Communication** (WRIT 20100) (4)
  • EC Presentation & Media Literacy (from 10000-20000 level COMM) (3-4)
  • CT Critical Thinking (from 10000-20000 level CRIT) (3-4)
  • CT Computation** (MT 10100, BAM 10500, or higher placement) (3-4)
  • CH Intellectual Traditions (from 10000-20000 level PH/HI) (4)
  • CH Creative Endeavors (from 10000-20000 level HUM) (4) †
  • CH Intercultural & Spiritual Understandings (from 10000-20000 level RS/CS) (3-4)
  • SI Biological/Physical Scientific Inquiry (from 10000-20000 level SC w/ lab or OS 21000) (4)
  • SI Social/Behavioral Scientific Inquiry (various) (3-4)
  • EE Social Responsibility (LS 10200) (2)
  • EE Personal Responsibility (from 10000-20000 OS/PE or BAM 20400, MAR 11000, MAR 24000, LS 20500) (1-2)

            [†  Foundational Studies requirement satisfied by Major Studies]

            [ **  Minimum grade of ‘C’ (defined as C+, C, C-) must be earned]

Self-Directed Studies (varies)

Students are encouraged to pursue a minor, double major, Eco League exchange, or other distinguishing study program to add to the Liberal Studies major. 

Minimum Graduation Credit Requirement: 128

Applied Technical or Research Writing-Intensive Course Menu

One course is required in an applied field—courses focus on some aspect of written/communications within a specific field, with technical, communications-oriented, discipline-specific writing, or writing-intensive component – course cannot be double-counted with other CRWR requirements, but can be double-counted with minors or double majors:

   ANS 40000 Indigenous Research Methods
   BA 20700 Marketing
   BAM 36100 Law and Citizenship
   COMM 20600 Organizational Communication
   COMM 20900 Mass Communication in the Age of Social Media
   CS 30100 Advanced Cultural Studies
   HI 30100 Advanced Historical Studies
   IS 31100 Essentials of Grant Writing
   IS 44500 Qualitative Research Methods
   OS 40300 Alaska Natural History Interpretation
   OS 40400 Research Methods for Outdoor & Environmental Studies
   PH 20100 Advanced Philosophy
   PH 30400 Advanced Philosophy of Science
   PY 30000 Methods of Investigation: Research in Psychology
   PY Advanced Theory offerings
   RS 30100 Advanced Studies in Religion
   SC 41200 Scientific Writing
   SS 30500 Advanced Studies in Social Sciences
   SUS 32500 Environmental Problem-Solving

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