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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accelerated Business Administration & Management/Master of Business Administration, BA/MBA

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This accelerated program is designed for accomplished business professionals not only to complete their bachelor’s degree but also move directly into the MBA. Building upon the congruence between the existing BA in Business Administration and Management and MBA core curricula, this option is offered to undergraduate students seeking to move directly into the MBA program as soon as they have completed at least 104 undergraduate credits including all GUR and major requirements for the BAM degree, with the exception of the senior project.

Admission requirements for this accelerated program include:

  • Candidates must have completed 72 undergraduate credits before applying to the Accelerated BAM/MBA Program. These credits must include completion of APU’s GUR requirements.
  • Candidates must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible management experience.
  • Candidates must write an essay describing their goals including the relevance of an MBA.
  • Candidates must be accepted by a departmental admissions committee.

The following are the degree competencies for students in the Business Administration and Management degree:

  • Manage Organizational Change: Develop competencies to manage organizational changes (MOC) 
  • Leadership: Learn to identify different leadership styles and how they are used to motivate employees and effectively manage organizations (L)
  • Human Resource: Understand human resource policies, procedures, and regulations to effectively manage work force (HR)
  • Written & Oral Communication: Develop written and oral communications skills for effective performance in the work place (WOC)
  • Problem Solving: Develop competencies in the methods of inquiry to solve organizational problems (PS)
  • Financial Management: Understand business financial management including financial statement analysis, financing and investing (FM)
  • Law & Ethics: Understand the law of contracts & legal and ethical issues involved with management (LE)


Students will remain in the BAM portion of this accelerated program for no more than 2 years based on a tri-semester year, at which time they can be admitted to the regular BAM program to complete all of the undergraduate required courses.  In preparation for the MBA level courses, students must complete 104 credits.


The Master’s Thesis will serve as the research project for both degrees.  Students must take the core requirements of the MBA program and pursue the MBA thesis option. The BAM and MBA degrees will be awarded at the same time—when both degree course requirements are met.

In the event students withdraw from the MBA prior to completion, they must complete the equivalent of 128 credits to obtain their BA degree in BAM, including the 12 required undergraduate senior project courses.

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