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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Services Administration, B.A.

The program in Health Services Administration (HSA) is directed at students who have experience in the health services industry—both those with clinical experience and others working in or in support of health services organizations—and who wish to advance their careers. The program provides an overview of health services systems, skills enhancement for project and program management, and understanding of the business functions necessary for providing services. The major consists of modules that are delivered on-line.

The following are the degree competencies for students in Health Services Administration:

  • Knowledge in Health Service Administration: Develop knowledge of the health services industry, its systems, and its regulations (KHSA)
  • Critical Thinking, Ethics & Information: Demonstrate skills in critical thinking, ethics, and information literacy leading to better decision making (CTEI)
  • Knowledge of Business Practices: Integrate knowledge of business practices that drive health services reimbursement/revenues, human resource management, and patient outcomes (KBP)
  • Collaboration: Collaborate within a community of health services managers throughout the state to adopt innovative business practices (C)

General University Requirements

  • Introduction to Active Learning (IS 23300 ) (3)
  • Written Communication (LL 20100 ) (4)
  • Speech Communication (IS 20600 ) (3)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (IS 24200 ) (4)
  • Humanities (8)
  • Languages (4)
  • Laboratory Science (4)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (3)
  • Ethical and Religious Values  (  )(3)

Total Credit Hours: 23-36

Total Credit Hours: 52

  • Other GUR’s and electives (varies)

Minimum Graduation Credit Hour Requirement: 128

* Also satisfies GUR’s. † Credits are satisfied by Major Requirements.


A grade of “C” or better must be earned on all DCP modules and the Senior Project. A course must be repeated if a grade lower than “C” is earned.

Non-Profit Management Emphasis

A non-profit emphasis in management is available to students in the HSA degree program. In addition to completing the requirements for the major, students are required to take BAM 21000  before taking any of the 40000 level elective courses. In addition to the required BAM 21000 , students may select three elective courses from (BAM 42000 , BAM 42100 , BAM 42200 , BAM 42300  and IS 31100 ); a total of 12 credits is required to earn the non-profit emphasis. All courses in this emphasis are offered online.