Dec 02, 2023  
2019-2020 APU Catalog 
2019-2020 APU Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Justice Studies Interdisciplinary Concentration

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The Justice Studies program is an interdisciplinary concentration, which means it can be taken by students in any major.  Required courses in the concentration can double-count with Foundational Studies, Major Studies, or minors.  Students have an academic advisor for their major degree program.  Additionally, they will work with an advisor from Liberal Studies for guidance through the Justice required curriculum. 

The Justice concentration provides introductory exploration of Justice Studies, attending to theoretical models of justice along with applied studies focusing on judicial and criminal systems.  The centration is valuable to students who have interests in the criminal system, law enforcement, law school, forensics, governance, and/or public policy.

The concentration begins with two required courses which are offered from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.*  Two other courses are required from a menu of options that include APU offerings and UAF offerings.  As well, offerings can be taken from other Ecoleague schools.   One of the two menu courses must be at the upper-division level, and one must be taken from APU.  

Required Courses (12-14 credits)

Required (6 credits), from UAF (or other institution with similar subject offerings):

  • JUST 110 Introduction to Justice (3)
  • JUST 125 Introduction ot Addictive Processes (3)

Choose two other courses (6-8 credits), one must be at the 30000-40000 level, one must be from APU:

  • ANS 30100  Alaska Native Rights & the Law (4)
  • BA 36100  Law and Citizenship (3)
  • HI 30106 U.S. Consitutional Law (4)
  • SC 43500  Environmental Law (4)
  • SUS 41700  Environmental Justice: Politics and Poetics (4)
  • UAF options:  any courses with JUST prefix

*All UAF JUST courses are offered online and available to APU students at UA in-state tuition rates.  Officially, for these courses, APU students are categorized as ‘non-degree seeking’ within the UAF system.  APU students maintain enrollment status at APU for financial aid purposes, and in addition to APU tuition, they pay UAF tuition directly to UAF.  Students need to secure an official transcript from UAF transmitted to APU upon completion of any UAF courses, subject to APU’s transfer policy.  Courses taken through an Ecoleague exchange are automatically transcripted to APU.

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