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2023-2024 APU Catalog 
2023-2024 APU Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technology Requirements

University Technology Requirements 

The University information technology requirements set the minimum standards necessary for students, faculty, and staff to interface with the University systems.


  1. High speed Internet access
  2. Windows 10 or above
  3. MS Office Suite of Applications
  4. Speakers/Headphones and microphone
    1. Highly recommend Headset with integrated mic, this cuts down on background noise affecting all participants in the session
  5. Minimum two different browsers installed. For example, two of the following Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge.

Successful use of Blackboard, both as a student or an instructor, requires compliance with Blackboard’s minimum technology.

Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate detailed requirements can be found on Blackboard, myAPU and on the Information Technology site on SharePoint.

Internet Access Requirements

  • Bandwidth must be BroadBand or a high speed equivalent. The typical home Internet access offering from ACS or GCI usually qualifies.
  • Internet connections that do not qualify include:
    • Tethering to a cell phone
    • Airport Wifi
    • Coffee Shop wifi
    • Your neighbors Wifi
    • Cellular Hotspot
    • Dial-up
    • Vehicle Wifi

Without adequate bandwidth uploading of large documents, video, audio, and other live chat functions are not possible or severely degraded. There is no substitute for adequate bandwidth.

If using a high speed connection at home, be aware others in the household and their Internet activity such as streaming Netflix, will negatively impact your performance and your ability to use Blackboard successfully.

Computer Requirements

  • Windows 10 or greater
  • Office Suite of applications
  • Headset with integrated microphone

Available Resources

  • Faculty, Students, and Staff all have a Microsoft 365 subscription.   Adjuncts have an Office 365 subscription.  Both subscriptions allow for the installation of the Office suite of applications to five devices per person.
  • The standard meeting and collaboration software supported is MS Teams and Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Compliant computers are available across campus including adjunct offices, the ASC, and other APU lab computers. The IT Department also has a limited number of Chromebooks that can be checked out for short-term needs.
  • Campus WiFi is accessible to all and provides sufficient bandwidth for Blackboard functions both as a student or an instructor.

Not supported

  • Tablets including iPad, Android, and Kindle
  • Windows XP, Vista, and older
  • MAC OS Version 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and older

The University does not provide mobile equipment for the purposes of conducting or attending online courses, accessing Blackboard, or other online conferencing or meetings.