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2023-2024 APU Catalog 
2023-2024 APU Catalog
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RS 20100 - Topics in Religion

(4) The courses listed under this menu provide introductions to the spiritual traditions of the world. Active learning projects are incorporated into the course requirements. Students are encouraged to explore how these traditions influence political, economic, cultural, and social forces in the contemporary world. Satisfies CH Intercultural & Spiritual Understandings for Foundational Studies.
(Topic course numbers range from RS 20101 to RS 20109 in schedule)
Selected Topics:
RS 20101 World Religions
RS 20103 Spiritual Environments
RS 20104 America’s Religious History
RS 20105 Death, Dying, and Bereavement
RS 20106 Introduction to the Bible
RS 20108 Judaism, Christianity, Islam
RS 20109 Ecological Theology
RS 20110 Theology in Literature and Film
RS 20111 Religious History of Alaska
RS 20112 Ancient Wisdom Traditions
RS 20113 Holy Women
RS 20114 Sacred Journeys and Pilgrimages


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