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2023-2024 APU Catalog 
2023-2024 APU Catalog
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RS 30300 - Advanced Biblical Studies

(1-4) These offerings provide advanced study of one or more biblical texts. These courses generally presume that students have already taken one of the following or similar courses: RS 30100 Biblical Studies, Old Testament, or New Testament. Specific course descriptions will be printed in class schedules for the term in which the course is offered.
(Topic course numbers range from RS 30301 to RS 30319 in schedule)
Selected Topics:
RS 30301 Gospel of Mark
RS 30303 John
RS 30304 Revelations
RS 30306 Non-Canonical Gospels
RS 30307 Gospel According to Matthew
RS 30308 Corinthian Correspondence
RS 30310 Paul’s Epistle to Romans
RS 30312 Hebrew Scriptures / Old Testament
RS 30315 Luke-Acts
RS 30316 Book of Job
RS 30317 Biblical Ethics
RS 30318 Jesus in the New Testament
RS 30319 Parables of Jesus


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